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Removal of Iron (Fe) from Aqueous Solutions by Micronized Green Tuff Stone


The main purpose of this research was to compare the amount of Fe absorption by using micronized green tuff stone from aqueous solutions. Results showed the varied parameters such as contact time between the adsorbent material and the fluid solution, the concentration of the adsorbent material, and pH affect the efficiency of Fe removal and absorption isotherms. Moreover, the maximum Fe adsorption percentage was observed at pH 7, at retention time between 60 and 120 min, and with 1 to 3 gr of the adsorbent material. Thus, Comparison of the regression coefficient related to the matching of the studied adsorption to Langmuir’s equation (R2) leads us to conclude that Fe removal by natural micronized tuff matches, and is compatible with, Langmuir adsorption equation, and this conclusion can be generalized to quantities of 1 and 3 g of this adsorbent. Therefore, micronized tuff, which is an adsorbent consisting of several different types of natural and economical mineral materials, can be considered an adsorbent of heavy metals.


Iron; Absorption; Micronized green tuff; Langmuir’s equation.

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