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Effect of serum starvation on proliferation and development of mouse embryo in vitro


Serum starvation and serum limitation have been used to denote various procedures that include growing cells in either reduced serum, serum-free, or serum- and protein-free. The aim of this study was to compare the effect of BSA starvation in cultured medium, on the development of mouse embryo in vitro.This is a Experimental study. Male and female NMRI mice were kept in the central animal house of Babol university of Medical science under a 12- hour light/12- hour dark regime at 20-24°C, with adequate food ad libitum. In the female mice after stimulation with PMSG and injection of HCG eggs were removed from oviduct after washing and pipting. They were placed in special culture media for in vitro fertilization. Eggs were divided into four groups. In three treatment groups, eggs were under serum starvation after fertilization for 4, 16 and 24 hours, respectively after in vitro fertilization. In control group the eggs did not tolerate any serum starvation. The experiments were repeated 6 times. Growth and development in the early stages of cleavage, almost in 72 h was better compared to the later stages of development. In this study, starvation had neither deleterious nor beneficial effects on the development of mouse embryo. Summarily, the results of this study suggest that BSA starvation had neither deleterious nor beneficial effects on the development of mouse embryo after in vitro fertilization. This research was verified, for the first time. However, more research is necessary to improve mouse embryo development in vitro.


Serum starvation; In vitro culture; Mouse embryo.

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