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An Environmental Management Pattern for Food Industries Located in Area Coastal Using SWOT Method, Case Study (KOSAR Cultivated and Industrial Factory)


KOSAR, Cultivated and Industrial Factory, with an area about 6 hectares, is located near the beach in the north of IRAN (RAMSAR). This factory is considered as a convertible industry (Converting low quality citrus fruits into juice) and most of its operation is done during harvesting season. This factory releases its sewage into the sea through channel without any suitable refinement or management. Due to the great importance of the seashore and its organisms, this research was carried out to investigate a proper environmental management in the factory above mentioned. In this research, SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat) considered as an important method in environmental management method was used. By this method and field studies, the internal weakness and strength of the area also the external opportunities and threats were specified. Consequently some strategies were taken to eliminate the weakness and threats also to strengthen the strength points and opportunities. The strategies categorized were scored according to their priorities and regarded in the environmental management of area.


SWOT; Transformational Industries; Environmental Management; Coastal Management and Sewage.

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