Vol. 4, Issue 1, January 2015

Title Author Hits
Design of an optimized intelligent controller based on Lyapunov energy function for improving transient stability using the parallel FACTS devices Written by Saeed Abazari, Mohamad Sadegh Payam 1272
A Case Study on Improvement of Outgoing Quality Control Works for Manufacturing Products Written by Nur Sayzwani Abd Suki, Elmi Abu Bakar and Shahrul Kamaruddin 1225
Hot Spot Temperature calculation and Life Assessment of Oil-immersed Transformer with ONAN Cooling under Linear and Nonlinear Loads Conditions using FEM Written by Masoud nikzad, Mohammad mirzaie 1124
Evaluate the effect of benefits beyond the expected cash flows of information content in the companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange Written by Sommayeh Razzagh Raad, Mahmood Sammadi Lorgani 1143
Comparison of imipramine and vibratory alarm device in treatment of primary nocturnal enuresis Written by Ali Akbar Kasaeeyan, Naeemeh Hamzehzadeh Nakhjavany, Arsalan Aliramaji, Hamid Shafi, Emadoddin Moudi and Seyed Golam Ali Jorsaraei 1138