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Effect of material properties in CFRD Tailing-Embankment Bridge During a Strong Earthquake


Bridge design is very costly when valley is very long. In this situation, bridge length can be reduced by use of two tailing embankments. In terms of literature, structural performance and interaction between dam with abutment or bridge showed significant role during an earthquake on dynamical assessment. The seismic behavior is affected by modulus ratio between transmission zone and concrete slab. This paper tried to evaluate the effect of physical properties based on different conditions of concrete slab and cushion zones to attain the optimum ratio in order to strong earthquake effect. The numerical result was collected at the end of construction based on half height of tank. ANSYS 13 program was used by Finite-Element method. As results, the optimum comportment was obtained when compressive strength of concrete slab was 45 mega pascal and modulus elasticity ratio (between cushion and embankment body) was equal eight. Consequently, an expanding joint is required between tailing embankment and bridge to avoid of impact force.


CFRD; Cushion; Concrete slab; Numerical analysis; Earthquake

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