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Coral reefs and community around larak island (Persian Gulf)


Field surveys pertaining to coral reef studies were performed from November 2010 to August 2011 around Larak Island in the Persian Gulf. The Line Intercept Transect (LIT) method was applied to record biotic and abiotic components of the coral reefs at two sites around Larak Island: North East (NE) and South West (SW) with two stations per site. Mean "Live Coral Coverage" (LCC) and “Dead Coral Coverage” (DCC) at SW 21.74% ± 1.92%, 4.58% ± 0.65%and NE sites were 5.69% ± 0.54%, 35.64% ± 3.28% respectively. Dead Coral Coverage was more prevalent in the NE than in SW. Based on Mann-Whitney U-test LCC and DCC showed significant difference (p< 0.05) among these two sites, (p< 0.05); The Kruskal-Wallis test also showed significant difference (p< 0.05) among four stations within two sites. This study indicated that coral communities of the NE site have been more destroyed by human impacts such as municipal run-off, breakwater construction, trap fishing, over-fishing and several other human activities.


Coral Communities, Degradation, Destructive Factors, Larak Island, Persian Gulf

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