Improving the Use of Biofuels (Clean) in Achieving Sustainable Development


Economic Development is not necessarily and automatically, improves the lives of achieving social justice and does not lead to protect the environment. In fact, many critics have shown that economic Development has led to the exploitation of people and the environment. Furthermore, the results of economic Development have been remarkable. The future of agriculture and forestry, and therefore poverty reduction and economic Development in developing countries through climate change, increase our need to generate renewable energy (stable). Progress towards replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources; reduce climate change and its extreme risk. Biomass is a major source of renewable energy in the future, in addition to wind, solar, water, Geothermal and other resources. This paper focuses on an overview of biomass from agriculture and forestry, the aim of the present situation and possible future trends in developed and developing countries in relation to the production of biofuels, it means the production of energy from biomass ,will be presented. It offers a hopeful outlook for the future, not only to our country, but also it is the solution to current challenges, especially for developing countries. A review of the potential and challenges are presented in this paper, with the result that production and use of biofuels in developed and developing countries can potentially provide a golden offer for economic Development, poverty reduction and environmental sustainability if appropriate policies and institutional and technological innovations promoted and applied. We conclude that in order to overcome the challenges and investment in this hopeful prospect of biofuels for sustainable development, extensive investment in agricultural research and appropriate organizational and policy framework is needed. Fossil fuels currently used as the primary fuel. Biomass can be used as a primary or secondary source of energy. Primary energy sources such as plants, organic waste and manure can be a secondary power source, which can be liquid, gaseous or solid but the base for liquid biofuels is, ethanol or vegetable oil.


Biofuels; sustainable resources; renewable fuels; greenhouse gases;

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