Distribution of Mercury (Hg) in Soil and Grain of Some Wheat Fields in Khuzestan Province


To estimate Mercury (Hg) distribution of soil and wheat grain in some wheat fields of eastern and western region of Khuzestan province. Thus, in the wheat maturity period, weighting paired sampling was done from soil and wheat grain in 60 wheat fields in Shoosh, Azadegan, Shadegan, Behbahan, Izeh, and Baghmalek. The results showed Hg concentration ranged from 0.1 to 282 µg kg-1 of the studied areas. The mean Hg concentration in soil was 69.1 ppb, which was less than the critical limit (300 ppb) in all the studied areas. Hg concentration in wheat grain of the studied areas was less than the allowed limitation. Hg distribution in soil showed that the Gaussian model has the best fit distribution in soil. The distribution map showed that Hg concentration is higher in the western and southwestern areas.


Hg; wheat; distribution; Kriging;

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