Monitoring Coral Ecosystems in Naiband Bay, the Persian Gulf


Hydro chemical regime of the river outflow, especially its intensive use in the districts is one of the most important characteristics defining a possibility of the economy development. The requirement of the plants for water during a vegetative period continuing seven-eight months in Azerbaijan is not identical. It prose the most in June, August, when 70-80% of irrigative norm draw on the field. In this time, a spring flood decline is noted in more of the rivers of the republic and a low-water season is begun. In this connection, an obvious necessity of the research of the retrospective and contemporary hydro chemical regime of these rivers and appreciation of the variability became at the time of characteristic discharges of their outflow. Here a hydro chemical regime of the characteristic rivers of the mountain region of the republic is examined.


Hydro chemical; hydrometric; material; irrigation; economy development;

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