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Estimate Theoretical Model for the Effect of Illumination on (I- V) Characteristics of CdTe/ n-Ge Photo Detector


An estimated theoretical model for the experimental data for the effect of power intensity of illumination of the CdTe/n-Ge hetero-junction thin films with thickness 150nm has been studied. The (I- V) characteristic was plotted as function of power intensity of illumination (0, 22, 70, 150, 290, and 474) mW/cm2. Theoretical model was achieved by using "Table Curve 2D, version 5.01" program. The estimated theoretical equation was given by
Three test power intensities (9.5, 41.5, and 400) mW/cm2 were chosen and compared its results with experimental data. There is a good matching between (I-V) curves and very small percentage error .

Key words

CdTe thin film, Effect of illumination, (I- V) Characteristics, Theoretical model

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